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Gel Blaster Toy Gun

Gel Blaster Toy Gun

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Introducing the Electric Water Ball Beads Gel Blaster Gun – the ultimate toy gun for an exciting and mess-free playtime experience! Unlike traditional toy guns, this innovative blaster uses advanced technology to launch delicate water balls as a projectile that shatter on impact, creating a pile of small fragments that disappear once dry. Made with child-safe materials, this toy gun is perfect for indoor and outdoor playtime. With no mess and no stains, your kids can enjoy endless hours of fun without you having to worry about the aftermath. Get ready for a unique and thrilling water bead blasting experience with the Electric Water Ball Beads Gel Blaster Gun!


Package Includes :

1X Gel Blasting Toy Gun

1X Hydrogel Beads 

1X goggles 

1X battery 

1X USB cable

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